Our vendor management process is facilitated by Innoven Consulting, on behalf of Impala Bafokeng.


To become a vendor to Impala Bafokeng, vendors must adhere to the vendor adoption process.

This process comprises the following steps:

  • Potential vendors have two ways to apply for a potential vendor number:
    - (1) registration on-line (www.innoven.co.za) or
    - (2) at the offices of Innoven Consulting, at the following address:
    Unit 3B
    235 Beyers Naude Drive,
    E-mail: impalabafokeng@innoven.co.za
    Tel: +27 (014) 594 2520 / 1799
  • Potential vendors must complete the relevant registration document (either on-line or in hard copy) and provide company’s details and copies of statutory documents.
  • Innoven Consulting will conduct a vendor assessment to evaluate each vendor’s statutory compliance.
  • Once statutory requirements have been met, a reference number is allocated to the potential vendor. This potential vendor number must be referenced in all communication, tenders and RFQ’s with Impala Bafokeng.
  • On the successful award of a tender or RFQ, the potential vendor number will be converted to a valid vendor number in SAP following End-User motivation.
  • A verification process will now be conducted by Innoven Consulting to verify statutory documents, security screening, Mining Charter verification and governance compliance.
  • Impala Bafokeng’s internal vendor management team will process successful applications and allocate an Impala Bafokeng vendor number.
  • Approved Impala Bafokeng vendors will be notified in writing of their unique vendor number.

Our policies: