Our stakeholders

Ensuring the social, economic and environmental viability of our host communities and the broader economy is critical to safeguard the continuing viability of our business.

Stakeholders are defined as those who are interested and affected by our business as well as those who have a material influence on our ability to create value.

Implats currently has six priority stakeholder groups, requiring high-level ongoing care and responsiveness to sustain mutually beneficial relations. The priority level (zoning) of the stakeholder groups is based on the level of influence these stakeholders have on the business, the assessed effectiveness of existing engagement processes, and the level of alignment/change required in the relationship to meet Implats’ value-creation goals.


Employees HR executive Operations executive
Unions HR executive Operations executive
Communities Corporate relations executive Operations executive
Local governmentOperations executive
Provincial governmentCorporate relations executive Operations executive
National governmentCEO (assisted by Exco) Chairman of the Implats and Zimplats boards
Shareholders/debt holders CEO (assisted by corporate relations and the CFO) Chairman of the board
Customers Marketing executive


Media Corporate relations executive
Suppliers CFO
Business partners CFO (assisted by Exco)
Industry forums CEO (assisted by Exco)
Financial institutionsCFO
Business and financial analystsCorporate relations executive
BoardCEO (assisted by the Company Secretary)


Competitors CEO (assisted by Exco)
Emergency services HSE executives
Civil society Corporate relations executive
NGOs Corporate relations executive
Universities and
R & D institutionsTechnical services executive