Development Policy

Ensuring the social, economic and environmental viability of our host communities and the broader economy is critical to safeguard the continuing viability of our business.

Sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Implats is a PGE-focused mining company involved in exploring, mining, processing and refining operations and is committed to sustainable development principles such that the Company's:

  • Investments are commercially sound and financially profitable
  • Practices are technically appropriate and socially responsible
  • Processes and practices are inherently safe and environmentally sound.


  • Developing policies in line with these principles, supported by sound systems and processes
  • Complying with the governance of risk principles included in the King III Report
  • Recognising that risk management is a systematic way of protecting business resources and income against losses such that strategic and operational objectives can be achieved
  • Preventing all incidents and accidents at its operations in a reasonably practicable manner and strives to minimise hazards inherent in the working environment
  • Safeguarding the health and safety of all stakeholders, and striving for zero harm
  • Responsible stewardship of natural resources and the ecological environment
  • Striving to minimise potential negative social impacts while promoting opportunities and benefits for host communities
  • Upholding the human rights of employees and communities in line with legislation and the United Nations Global Compact
  • Engaging with stakeholders in a transparent and timely manner through formal and informal engagement structures
  • Continuous improvement of its business processes by accurately measuring, monitoring, evaluating and reporting in a transparent manner to stakeholders on performance