Our stakeholders

Ensuring the social, economic and environmental viability of our host communities and the broader economy is critical to safeguard the continuing viability of our business.

Stakeholders are defined as those who are interested and affected by our business as well as those who have a material influence on our ability to create value.

We have conducted an inclusive stakeholder review process to improve relationships by becoming proactive in our approach to building relationships. The process identified six priority stakeholder groups in Zone 1 – an area for immediate intervention. This remains a critical focus and requires due care and responsiveness to build better relationships. Zone 2 stakeholders have existing and mature engagement structures with strong influence and impact on our business, as such our objectives are to further build on these relationships. Zone 3 stakeholders have existing and mature engagement structures, but have less influence/impact on our business, as such our objectives are to sustain our relationship.

Zone 1 Priority areas

Employees Group executive - People
Unions Group executive - People
CommunitiesChief executive – Operations
Government Group executive officer
Shareholders and
investment community Group executive officer
Chief financial officer
Suppliers Chief financial officer
Customers Group executive – Marketing and refining

Zone 2 Evolutionary progress

Media and analysts Group executive – Corporate affairs
Board Chief executive officer
Business partners Chief financial officer
Industry and
business forumsChief executive officer
Banks and financial
institutions Chief financial officer
Business analystsGroup executive – Corporate affairs

Zone 3 Sustain process

Competitors Chief executive officer
Emergency services Group executive – Health and safety
Civil society Group executive – Corporate affairs
NGOs Group executive – Corporate affairs
Universities and
R & D institutionsGroup executive – Technical services
  • Priority area
  • Evolutionary progress
  • Influenced by progress in Zone 1