Quick facts

Employees 50 512 including contractors
Production 1 468 100 platinum ounces and 849 300 palladium ounces in 2018
Mineral Resources 133 . 8 million attributable platinum ounces
Revenue R35 . 9 billion in 2018
Community development Over R4 . 0 billion invested in housing over 10 years
Listing JSE Limited (IMP), the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (2022 US$ Convertible Bonds) and Level 1 American Depositary Receipt (IMPUY)
About Implats

Our vision

To be the world’s best PGM producer, sustainably delivering superior value to all our stakeholders

Our mission

To mine, process, refine and market high quality PGM products safely, efficiently and at the best possible cost from a competitive asset portfolio through teamwork and innovation


Our values

We respect, care and deliver: